Midi Trackless Sightseeing Fun Train

Midi Trackless Train


Midi Sightseeing Train can be used for sightseeing and transportation purposes in historical and touristic areas, narrow streets, promenade areas, coastlines, tail villages, hotels, theme parks, public housing areas, shopping centers.


Engine Type Gasoline
Wagon type 20 people open
24 people Glass covered
28 people tarpualin closed
Max Wagon number 5% slope
Max 4 wagon
Max Slope 12%
Max Passenger Capacity In Optimum Conditions 80
Dimensions 24 people

Wagon:  L 4700mm W:1600mm H: 2400mm
Lokomotive : L :3500mm W: 1600mm H:2400mm
*dimensions, carrying capacity and varies according to the knee distance

Gearbox Automatic
Engine 85 hp / 100 hp / 130 hp
Brake System Hydraulic: Disc / Drum

Cool: Disc / drum

Suspension Parabolic leaf spring suspension

Air Suspension

  • LHD (Left Hand Drive)
  • Announcement System With 16 Languages GPS Connection
  • Customized Sticker
  • Camera
  • Disabled Ramp
  • Central Locking
  • Multimedia Entertainment Systems
  • Individual Lighting
  • Openable Ceiling
  • Air Cond.
  • Routing Signal