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Train Travel has 15 years of experience and knowledge with our production, we continue to be the leading manufacturer in Turkey. Our company will be the name of a product that dominated his father until the product, the situation has given name to the product definition as the first firms Train Travel in Turkey. 

As ARAS GLOBAL, we make special productions suitable for your demands and needs without limiting our Sightseeing Trains to existing models. We deliver our products to ports all over the world, to the central European Countries, including the customs service of the recipient country (DDU or DDP).

Aras Global Ltd. Co.

Gezitreni.com is an Aras Global Ltd. Co. Investment.

Aras Global Ltd. Co.

About Us

Aras Global Dış Ticaret Ltd.Co, which manufactures and trades amusement park equipment. Since 2005, it has been serving with the production of karting vehicles, battery powered go-kart, battery powered children’s vehicles and rubber wheel sightseeing train. In addition to its ever-evolving vision, our company, which has priority goals such as constantly increasing the quality of its products and services, continues its production at two addresses: Istanbul Ümraniye and Çayırova -Kocaeli. Our organization, which also owns brands such as Istanbul Lunapark and Aras Karting, puts its needs at the top of its service goals by using the developing technology. Starting from the production stage, we continue the work safety measures we provide, with the same principle, to the point of ensuring the safety of the end product user, and we continue all our productions in accordance with our maximum safety principle. In addition to following the technological developments in our field, we aim to continue to improve ourselves day by day with the feedback we receive from our customers and continue to be the leading brand that leads the industry.

Our qualifications

We have been working non-stop for more than 15 years to deliver the best

First reason for we be the leader in the travel train sector is concluding our projects with success.

We work with zero error and accident rate in the projects we have implemented for more than 15 years.

We deliver finished products to our valued customers as soon as possible.

Our leader company in its sector provides service with the best project costs in its field.

We provide consultancy services in your projects with the experience we have gained through dozens of projects.


We carry out project analysis, production and implementation activities in all regions regardless of domestic or abroad.