Trackless Train Production and Maintenance

Trackless Fun Train Manufacturer

Gasoline, diesel, electric motor alternatives are available.

Gasoline and diesel models can be produced as 4 × 2 or 4 × 4.

Production can be made by removing molds of any type and size as you wish.

All of our vehicles are produced in our workshop, except engine, chassis and electronic systems.


We determine your needs according to the usage area and analyze the technical and visual requirements.


As a result of our analysis, we set up projects with our valued customers. We care about the feedback of our customers and make corrections accordingly if necessary.


With our expert staff and more than 10 years of experience, we carry out production steps with high quality standards by providing all the necessary technical conditions.


We carry out all the necessary tests before delivering our trains to you. (Slope climbing, stopping, turning diameter test, Engine heat preservation test for hot climates, GPS system test etc.)


We deliver the trains that pass the tests successfully. In the following periods, we undertake all necessary maintenance and repair activities with your request.

Sightseeing Train Models

Trackless trains with rubber wheels are often used in place of other public transport methods for transporting tourists. Attractions such as museums, ruins, zoos and other touristic places are very suitable for this type of use. Trackless Fun Train Manufacturer.

Most of the time, the use of sightseeing trains emerges as a transportation service that aims to show tourists along the natural roads. One of the best examples of this worldwide is the Railless Touristic train, which is the only vehicle allowed on the streets reserved for pedestrians in the town of Gruyères, Switzerland. A similar train is used in Spain to transport students between the train station and the faculties at Alcalá de Henares University Campus.

As an alternative use, wheelless trains can also be used to entertain children while their parents are shopping in shopping malls. Rubber wheel trains used for this purpose are usually smaller and powered by an electric motor with less power.

Trackless Fun Train Manufacturer

The larger and stronger rubber wheel-free touristic sightseeing trains can be used as an alternative to traditional light rail systems, trams and buses.

It is very common to use tourist sightseeing trains throughout Europe. It is common in many European cities, historic areas, zoos and tourist areas. In fact, dozens of wheeled roller-coaster trains take visitors between the halls and entry-exit points in the exhibition areas in Italy. Trackless Fun Train Manufacturer.

One of the important reasons for the trackless trains, which we can also call road trains, is also preferred in non-touristic or theme-free areas. It is among the reasons why it is preferred to get on and off easily and to use it at low speeds such as 30 km / h maximum speed in areas with high pedestrian traffic.

Disabled ramp, stroller section and luggage carrying section that can be integrated into our products are among the reasons for the preference of users and operators.

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